About Sir Hans Sloane

In his quest for the perfect combination of botanicals to make his gin, Sloane’s master distiller and blender was struck by the scale and completeness of Sir Hans Sloane’s (1660-1753) personal botanical collection. This collection was amassed during his lifetime and formed the foundation of the British and Natural History Museum collections.

Undoubtedly of significant influence and inspiration to the early English gin distillers of the mid-18th century, Sir Hans Sloane’s botanical collection introduced to the UK the exotic botanicals juniper berries, fresh oranges & fresh lemons, orris root, angelica, cardamom, coriander, cassia bark, liquorice & vanilla which have formed the basis for flavoring gins ever since.

sloane-botanical collection

Our master distiller & blender thought it only fitting to call his gin Sloane’s Gin in Honour of Sir Hans Sloane for his significant contribution to botany and, unwittingly Gin.

Sloane’s Gin, Expertly Blended For Flavour, Not Just Distilled